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mediaworks is A media agency completely focused on building your business.  On connecting your brand to your audience, in compelling and exciting ways.  It’s not just what you say but how and where you say it. And no one knows more about that than us.



who we are

Connecting to Customers.   It’s not just what you say that drives a brand experience. It’s how and where you say it.  Mediaworks has a deep foundation in the media industry bringing experience and insight with the latest in analysis to our planning process.  Strategy, planning, buying, and so much more.

We have pulled together a group of experienced, senior level talent who know how to navigate the media landscape to build businesses, energize brands and connect with customers. Let’s find the right connections to your customers together. 


Debbie Haggerty | Founder/partner

Barbara Cipolla | Partner


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what we do

We build businesses. We build brands. We connect you to your audience. We create compelling stories.  And we do it in partnership with you.  

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Business success is our measurement of success. We’ve helped clients plan and execute strategic media that has driven results in the following industries: Fashion/Retail, Financial Services, Insurance, Arts/Entertainment, Bio-tech, Recruitment, Health Care, Infant/Toddler, Food/Restaurant, B2C and B2B.


“with Mediaworks as our partner we saw five years of record growth”

Bill Zeitz  |  CMo, Cole Haan